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I would like to thank you and your whole team for all your hard work. Like I said on the phone you guys are the best team to work with… we have to send countless requests to other manufacturers but your service if always speedy and with love for what you guys are doing. Again I would like to thank you all on behalf of AVIS Budget. Let’s keep it going.

Thank you, Julio Diaz | Fleet Supervisor - Gauteng AVIS BUDGET Rent a Car, South Africa


Using the DealersOnline application is the most professional way to perform a vehicle valuation. Valuations can be completed with any compatible iOS or Android device.

The DealersOnline valuation platform is the most effective and easy to use integrated valuation to auction platform in the market and generates consistent, auditable valuations every time.

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Online Auctions

DealersOnline, the dealer portal designed to revolutionize the way vehicle dealers source and distribute stock and corporates dispose of fleet assets.

Our auction platform assists you in maximising the profits on disposal of your trading stock. Since inception of our business in 2007, we have perfected the art of a successful and unbiased online auction using the best available technology coupled with a thorough understanding of sales, marketing, logistical, and operational requirements.

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Customer Satisfaction and Lead Management

Customer satisfaction is the heartbeat of any business and a key indicator to how happy your customers are, is with the level of service you are delivering.

Satisfied customers will return to your business time and time again, also spreading positive word of mouth and referring new business. At the end of the day, a satisfied customer is your best possible marketing tool, yet it is just like any other area of the business, if you cannot measure and track customer satisfaction, you cannot manage it.

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Key & Stock Control/Counts

Our Key Control system is an exceptional tool to manage your business’s assets. This system electronically keeps records of all vehicle movements and usage by both staff and customers and integrates into to your Dealer Management System.

It also functions as a stock management platform in order to achieve a quick high-level overview of stock and it includes a Demo reservation module for staff. Our integrated stocktake app allow you to do a electronic stocktake by scanning either the exsting natis barcode on used vehicle stock, or the self-printed barcode on new car stock.

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Vehicle Movement and Storage

As part of our turnkey de-fleeting solution, we offer a vehicle pick up service for vehicles, including Fleet Maintenance Lease end of term vehicles. Our licensed and qualified drivers will collect vehicles at your premises post inspection and the vehicles will be brought to our fully insured warehousing facilities, available in all major hubs of South Africa, for storage.

We offer warehousing facilities for corporates and dealerships in every province of South Africa.

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Web and App Development

In addition to our core online auction business offering, due to popular demand we also provide professional custom website design services for businesses and individuals.

Our experienced web development and design team will ensure that your uniquely tailored website meets all of your functional business requirements whilst inspiring the right emotions and driving call to action.

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DealersOnline despatches nationwide agents along with our advanced valuation and inspection application literally putting a mobile workforce at your fingertips. This service combines mobility plus manpower to serve as your feet on the ground, delivering real time, efficient solutions customized to fit your business needs.

Results of these inspections are availble electronically within minutes of completion of the physical inspection by our agent for your perusal and feedback.

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Test Drives

DealersOnline also offers a unique test drive application, designed to verify client information and buying potential in advance.

Sales executive simply scans a clients driver’s license with any mobile device to attain an underlying finance score. This enables the sales executive to invest his time wisely in deals which are most likely to evolve into valuations and sales, thereby improving dealership efficiency and potential profitability.

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Self Inspect

DealersOnline launches Vehicle Self Inspection Application for customers which allows for self inspections in instances where a client is thinking of purchasing a vehicle but cannot get to the dealership for an valuation.

The sales executive simply obtains the customer’s cellphone number telephonically and SMS’s him a link containing a onetime pin. The customer at home or in the office is prompted to scan his driver’s license and vehicle license disk as well as take photographs of the vehicle in order that the sales executive may obtain all information he needs to provide as accurate a valuation as is possible without having seen the vehicle himself.

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